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In this whimsical Wall Street love story, idealistic young Frederick Freemarket inherits his uncle's Wall Street investment company and dreams of helping the world.

The company is worth twelve billion dollars and its most precious asset is “the cash machine” which turns worthless financial derivatives into real cash. Megalomaniac hedge fund manager J. Geoffrey Behemoth wants the cash machine to aid in his plot to rule the world. He buys 50% of the company’s stock in a hostile takeover and wins control of the cash machine. Alongside this battle of free-market principles verses pinstriped financial piracy, steamy romance begins to blossom.

Frederick falls in love with company nutritionist and double agent, Elsie. Computer guru Bill Brilliant is in love with HR VP Prudence Peergroup, but Frederick has banned all office romances, throwing a wrench into Bill’s amorous aims. Company CFO Clara Calculor secretly admires Behemoth, and the three hot young guys who are the company’s only remaining employees aren’t much help either -- they’re bedazzled by Behemoth’s three glamorous assistants!

When the SEC intervenes, the cash machine, subverted by Behemoth, starts to make sinister robo-trades causing the global economy to begin to crumble. All is lost! Until - in a final topsy-turvy twist – a surprise revelation is made and love and free-market principles conquer all!

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